Real estate total $3 million

Sept. 18, 2018

• Edward Schley Pease of Atlanta to Kristina L. Spark of Monroe, 1110 Blue Springs Drive, Buckhead, $242,000.

• Richard L. Kelley of Fairfax, Va. to William E. Kipp of Madison, 995 Crawford Road, Madison, $287,000.

• Bank of Madison of Madison to Terry A. McFarlane of Madison, 594 New Post Road, Madison, $30,000.

Sept. 19, 2018

• Juanita C. Smalley of Griffin, Ga. to Andrew Wheaton Couch of Madison, 838 Park Lane, Madison, $160,000.

• Estate of Charles R. Phillips of Conyers to Michael Dale LaPrade of Atlanta, 2120 Shadow Lake Drive, Buckhead, $500,001.

Sept. 21, 2018

• Glen L. Bailey of Madison to Jeremy Fish of Madison, 3570 Little River Road, Madison, $562,000.

• Crawford Matthew Walker of Madison to Leslie B. Brown of Madison, 1220 Walker Road, Madison, $125,000.

• Timothy Roberts of Madison to Mary Catherine Halbert of Atlanta, 3570 Atlanta Highway, Madison, 33.4 acres, $280,000.

• Robert Pennington Land and Timber II, LLC of Madison to Brian Martin of Madison, 1131 Cornwall Drive, Madison, 0.532 acre, $139,500.

Sept. 24, 2018

• Consolidated Holdings, Inc. of Madison to Thomas Preston Investments, LLC of Atlanta, 230 W. Washington St, Madison, $130,000.

• Kenneth M. Bishop, Sr. of Rutledge to Chelsea P. Whitley of Greensboro, Arabian Way, Buckhead, 10.56 acres, $84,800.

• Timothy Kirkland of Covington to Desiree Strange of Rutledge, 1410 Fambrough Bridge Road, Rutledge, $65,000.

Sept. 25, 2018

• Theresa G. Wertheim of Buckhead to Mark Spinks of Greensboro, 1350 Perryman Road, 5.68 acres, Buckhead, $60,000.

• Theresa G. Wertheim of Buckhead to Mark Spinks of Greensboro 1360 Perryman Road, 5.01 acres, Buckhead, $30,000.

• Joy Catherine Brown of Madison to Joseph Rocha, Jr. of Madison, 5341 Seven Islands Road, 2.019 acres, Madison, $429,000.

• Janet K. Bailey of Madison to Venus Moon of Madison, 1710 Bostwick Highway, Madison, $115,000.

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