Apartments in Conyers

Have a Break at the Apartments in Conyers

There are many things about a rental accommodation that the guests complain about. Sometimes it’s the area; sometimes it’s the lazy staff and so many other problems. But the apartments for rent in Conyers are specially maintained flawlessly. The perfect location, perfect security, perfect amenities, just name your demand.

Just on the entrance to these apartments, you will never want to go to any other place. The entrance of the apartments is not less wonderful than any five-star hotel’s entrance. The structure of these apartments is like an amphitheater in which a swimming pool is constructed in the middle.


The apartments for rent in Conyers are situated in an open and clean location in the middle of the city, where you can enjoy a perfect summer. The crime stat of this area is very low. This area is considered as the safest and peaceful area of the city. You can enjoy a perfectly easy life here, do grocery, go to cycling, hunt or hike in the nearby woods and anything you want to do. The shopping lovers must know about the top shopping mall present in the area, this shopping mall has all the top brands and traditional shops in it.


Although the crime rate in the area is almost ZERO, still an awarded security team has been hired to maintain the peace in the apartments on the safe side. You will not find any suspicious person living in these apartments; all the guests here have to verify themselves before moving in. For the verification, every guest has to submit his identity card or in case he is a foreigner he has to submit his passport. This way any suspicious guest cannot escape anyway.

The building is surrounded by high walls with barbed wires, and security cameras are planted on the walls that are a big hand in keeping the apartments safe and secure.

Amenities and interior of the apartments:

The apartments here provide you a simply awesome life. All the apartments here are furnished with the latest style of furniture. An American kitchen is connected to the living room, with a long marble breakfast platform and all necessary kitchen utensils.

A wide balcony is provided with each apartment, which is a great source of wind. The large windows in bedrooms keep the rooms lighted in the day. The washrooms are very neat and clean, designed with separate glassed shower place. Neat and clean towels are provided in the washroom cabinets.

A large round pool:

The swimming pool is constructed in a round shape that is parted in a shallow and deep side. A special team is appointed to maintain the swimming pool and train the new swimmers.

Other facilities provided for the guests only:

Indoor games like table tennis, snooker, football and other fun indoor games are available within the games room. Outdoor games include football, basketball, tennis and badminton, all the sports good are provided by apartment’s controller.